The Devy Report
by Nick Whalen

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What is the Devy Report?

It’s the most comprehensive document evaluating offensive college football skill position prospects. The 2017 version had 254 prospect profiles, which may include information such as size, stats, birthday and college. I provided in-depth analysis after watching film on each player. Many times I watch film on players multiple times on different days to make sure the analysis is even better. The analysis varies per player, but may include athletic ability, projection to the NFL and FF, strengths, weaknesses, and potential development. Finally, the prospects are ranked within each position, within each draft eligible class, and overall. I also included 139 additional prospects to keep on your radar. The entire document was 178 pages!!!

Who is Nick Whalen?

I have coached football for 9 years, both in college and high school. From my college coaching days I coached All-Americans, All-Conference players. interacted with some of the top coaches in the industry and helped recruit a player who won a Super Bowl. From my high school coaching days I coached All-Conference, All-Area, All-State players, 1st team Big 10 and one former player just led the NFL in kick return yardage. I’ve played Fantasy Football 19 years and I always bring a coaching mindset when looking at players.

In the past, I’ve written for DLF and Matt Waldman’s RSP website. Podcast experiences with DTC, DLF, Filmetrx, Saturday2Sunday.

Why buy The Devy Report?

Bottom line, this document saves you time. Compiling the data and film work easily took over 400 hundred of hours. Your time researching players is cut by 75% because it is in one convenient place. Now you don’t have to watch each prospect or search the internet for hours on end and can do something more valuable with your time like make dinner, listen to your wife/fiance/gf, clean the house, do laundry, clean those dishes…okay maybe not all of those suggestions. But I’m sure you can find something more valuable to do with this new found time.

Who would want The Devy Report?

-College football fans that would like to get more information about players from across the country. More than 254 prospects at your finger tips for $10…much better than those magazines at the grocery store!

-Fantasy Football owners that play dynasty and want to get a jump start on prospects for the future. This report will provide everything you need to know about a prospect for the upcoming season and so that you will be overly prepared.

-Devy Fantasy Football owners, this is a must buy because it will prepare you for your drafts like no other document! The players are always ranked in terms of FF at the NFL level. They are ranked within each class, which provides you with flexibility given your league dynamics.

-College Fantasy Football players can use it to find sleepers for their upcoming season and anticipate position battles that may be the key to winning your league!

-DFS College players will want this document so they can scream “Show me the money!” It will not only tell you about starters and sleepers, but valuable backups when injuries happen throughout the college football season.

Example from The 2016 Devy Report(last years version)


Background Football Career
Name: Nick Chubb RB
Rank: 1
Size: 5’10” 220
DOB: 12/27/95
School: Georgia
HS rating: 4 Star
HS Combine:
4.47 40, 4.12 SS, 43 P, 40.8 Vert
‘14 = 219 for 1547 yards 7.1 14 TD
‘15 = 92 for 747 yards 8.1 7 TD
‘14 = 18 rec for 213 yards 2 TD
‘15 = 4 rec for 32 yards 1 TD

This is a tough profile to write because I still feel horrible for the injury he suffered. Chubb tore his PCL and two other ligaments on the first play against Tennessee, luckily the ACL remained intact and he had no artery or nerve damage. Dynasty League Football writer Dr. Scott Peak said “players have a 50-70% of returning to pre-injury form.” However, we still have many reasons to be hopeful for his NFL prospects including an article I wrote concluding he had the best freshman season ever for a RB! In 2015, he improved his YPC by a full yard! Chubb was on pace for 1,788 yards and 17 touchdowns rushing before his injury. Down eight pounds heading into the season, Chubb appeared to be a little quicker but maintained his power. At 5’10”(if that) 220 lbs with a very thick lower half, Chubb packs a lot of power and leverage when going against defenders. This is very evident in the open field when one player rarely brings him down. Very good balance because of his leverage allows him to bounce off of defenders and gain, not just a few more yards, but big plays because he can return to balance quicker than defenders. Watching in slow motion, it’s amazing to see his confidence in running through contact. Chubb has great burst and low 4.4 speed, which he can maintain over long distances. Runs with an aggressive mindset and has great timing of when to initial contact with a defender to throw them off balance but still maintain his. He changes direction well, but he’s not a RB that wins by juking out defenders. Displays good patience waiting for a hole to open up and then accelerates through it. Great vision and seems to have a good grasp of knowing where he can cut if a hole is bottled up. Soft hands and is dangerous with the ball in the open field. The injury scares me for Nick Chubb’s future NFL prospects, however the payoff is a Hall of Fame level talent at RB.

NFL comparison = Better version of Maurice Jones-Drew

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