The Devy Report
by Nick Whalen

Devy Report Testimonials

Ryan McDowell(Dynasty League Football)- Want the ultimate tool for your upcoming devy draft, check out The Devy Report. Only $5! The Devy Report is great! I’m learning about players I’ve never heard of. Thanks for your hard work!

@JustInTimeNFL(Dynasty League Football)- The Devy Report is literally five dollars. Support @_NickWhalen for hours(!!) of work and get a HUGE jump on your competition. If you really care about your dynasty teams you should buy the Devy Report. If you’re in a Devy league- you’re already behind. The holy grail of devy.

Jeff Tefertiller(Footballguys)- Great read, very detailed @_NickWhalen: The Devy Report 107 pages covering 2016/17/18 drafts for only $5.

Ian Kenyon(Bleacher Report)- Wow, awesome work. Tons of information. As someone who is just diving into the 2016 class and trying to learn about the next wave of prospects, this is immensely helpful.

J.M. Baden- A few pages into @_NickWhalen #DevyReport and I know this will be as valuable for devy as @MattWaldman #RSP is for dynasty.

Jon Moore(Rotoviz)- For any Devy FF players, @_NickWhalen has put together a great resource with 180+ top college players.

Nathan Powell(Dynasty League Football)- Want the ultimate tool for Devy Drafts? Buy Nick’s Devy Report, it’s longer than some books IMO. Seeing my Devy leaguemates purchasing the Devy Report gives me all of the sads…Advantage –Gone. Contact him for info!

@FabFalco – Anyone interested in football, fantasy especially, the Devy Report from @_NickWhalen is great work period. Being only $5 makes it a must. Really impressed with The Devy Report. $5 is a ridiculous bargain.

@realfbandit- Just got my copy of The Devy Report. Definitely worth the investment! Appreciate all the work @_NickWhalen

Eric Coleman(Dynasty League Football) – The Devy Report is awesome content! Very nice read. All the high school combine data is great!

Greg Brandt- If you’re big into college/fantasy football check out The Devy Report. Only $5 and it’s jam packed with info.

DLF Doug G(Dynasty League Football)- I’m using @_NickWhalen’s devy report for help in my devy startup. Totally worth your $5.

Matt Harmon( and Footballguys)- If you love learning about prospects, I highly suggest you follow @_NickWhalen and purchase his Devy Report.

Theddy Aime – Support @_NickWhalen and his Devy Report it will make you the most prepared owner in 2016/17/18 drafts for only $5.

@Eddy24 – We will be re-naming @_NickWhalen Nick Waldman in a few years. #devyreport is something that will be a staple for dynasty owners like RSP

Derek Vaughn- Just took my first look at the Devy Report by @_NickWhalen. Lots of good info that I will put to good use this year! Thanks Nick!

James Simpson(Dynasty League Football)- If you play Devy or just want to be way ahead of the college curve, buy the Devy Report by @_NickWhalen

Mike Beckley- I bought the Devy Report by @_NickWhalen for the price of a Starbucks drink. Can’t beat it and worth supporting someone in the industry.

Matt Caraccio- The Devy Report is what you need this devy season. Covering 2016/17/18 drafts for only $5.

Jason Tran- If you love fantasy football or just football in general you gotta checkout the Devy Report. Tons of good info for only $5.

Sim Strain- Great work…you won’t regret getting it.

George Kritikos(Dynasty League Football)- Fellow DLFer @_NickWhalen is releasing his devy report today for just $5. Read it and it is great. Follow him too!

Mark Kelly- The Devy Report created by @_NickWhalen is a mere $5. Worth easily 10 x that for us devy ff players. Buy it already.

George Guerra- Good stuff in there.

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